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About Сompany

For more than 7 years the group of companies "HydroAutomation” has been engaged in the improvement processes of water supply energy performance and water disposal systems, from engineering design of energy-saving projects, automation and dispatching systems to erection and commissioning works.

Our founder is Water Supply Energy Efficiency and Wastewater Disposal expert of “Village and settlement councils association and united communities in Ukraine”, Kirovohrad “Ukrgosstroyekspertyza” branch establishment expert, International USAID expert of the USA agency.

The main feature of the company is express-hydropower proprietary analysis development of water disposal (drainage) and water-supply pump stations (hydraulic pump stations and booster pumping plants, artesian wells) energy performance for the providing purposes of technical-and-economical recommendations according to energy cost reduction at operation of pumping equipment and pump control stations at the public utility companies and industrial enterprises, and determination of energy-saving management algorithms.

We have succeeded in design calculation, automation and dispatching projects implementation in more than 100 objects, including public utility companies in Ukraine (Lubny, New Odessa, Gayvoron, Globino, Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy, Artsyz, Tavriysk, Gadyach, Chigirin and other settlements).

Furthermore, we have achieved energy cost savings up to 30-80%.

Our company is mainly engaged in production, development and performance of the following:


The dispatching of water supply and wastewater disposal systems.

The dispatching which we perform as a complex solution to increase public utility companies energy efficiency issues allows:

- optimize the process of setting parameters, make adjustments to the programmed control algorithm;

- control the operation parameters of the automatic control station, pressure sections control, levels

and other monitoring equipment;

- if necessary, to plot information about significant system energy spending for pumping 1 meter of cubic water or sewage up to determine changes in technology, deterioration of pumping equipment or control system settings failure;

- visualize any engineering structures and ongoing technological processes.

We cooperate with Ukrainian regional state administrations in the range of modern energy-efficient water supply, wastewater disposal systems and wastewater treatment equipment development.

Due to it we implement remote monitoring system of regional community enterprises water supply and wastewater disposal services. This system displays functional engineering systems parameters of operational regional community enterprises. Therefore it allows to determine both economic and technical efficiency index of all service providers.

These are some parameters of the monitoring system:

1. Energy cost price of water supply\ sewage discharge (kWt/m³ unit power rating according to region community enterprises);

2. Water consumption amount by communities and percentage of service payments in reference to factual service providing amount;

3. Displaying of rates forming structures to analyze accounting data while regional community enterprises entering process;

4. Some other issues can be agreed upon additionally. Project implementation can be performed by stages( according to monitoring projects implementation in regional communities and their joining to general system consequently)

Earlier received information helps to control activities of service providers enterprises online, detect infringements in rate policy forming, monitor water supply and wastewater disposal systems energy efficiency.



Automation and dispatching of production processes.

Dispatching , which we implement, is not only the output of the system parameters to the display, but also the operator's possibility to control system parameters remotely, or such system settings that allow to function independently (without the operator’s supervision).



Automation and manufacture of electrical equipment:

- stations and automatic control systems of pumping, compressor, ventilation, transportation

(conveyors, norias, transporters) and other electrical equipment;

- electrical cabinets and electrical panels to order according to the project documentation of any complexity degree of the control algorithms ;



Development, production and installation of electronic devices using its own brand name "Logic-Drive”:

- Logic Drive - microprocessor controller for protection and control of electric drives;

- Logic Drive Water - autonomous gsm-data transmitter;

- Logic Drive Interface - interface microprocessor module;

- Logic Drive Thermo - device for controlling heating ceramic panels

Some more devices are in the process of development and certification.

We are ready to develop and produce new electronic devices according to the customer's

HYDROAUTOMATION-CENTRE LLC is our subsidiary company and it is engaged in development and implementation processes of our technologies, projects and products abroad.

Kindly ask you to contact it (Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.) if you need any further information on foreign cooperation.



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